Log in or sign up as Mahnee user and launch your Mahnee App.

Using the app, browse for your favourite online stores and click on any store you want to visit, the app will take you to the online merchant details page, please read and follow the Terms & Conditions carefully to ensure your spending will be tracked. Click on the "shop now" banner at the bottom and this will take you to the online merchant website.

Shop and complete your order within the same tab so that Mahnee can track your order and the amount you have spent. DO NOT order or transact directly on that Online Merchant App because if you transact outside the Mahnee app we are not able to trace the transaction and you will not be entitled for the rewards.

Important notes:

It will take up to 15 days for your transaction to be processed and reflected in your Mahnee account. If your transaction is not tracked within 15 days, please contact customer service.

Your pending rewards will require around 130 days to be validated by our merchant store to ensure that no cancellation, return or exchange was made. Claim time will differ from merchant to merchant.

You may request withdrawal once you have an accumulated balance of USD$25.00.
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